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Our Products

Bumpets/spacers offered by Eticod Sp. z o.o. have a wide range of applications as elements which raise the quality of utilizing products.

In most cases, they are used as:

  • Securing drawers and doors from damages and noise caused by everyday use
  • Serving as anti-slip feet or protection from abrasions for small household and electrical appliances
  • Cushioning layers and spacers in the automotive industry

They are manufactured from high quality polyurethane, resilient to UV rays and the effects of most dissolving agents. They don’t age, don’t harden or brake and don’t cause damage to the cooperating surfaces.

They can be transparent or black-colored in sizes and shapes attuned to the customer’s individual requirements. We supply our Bumpets/Spacers in reels or sheets. All bumpets/spacers are self-adhesive, easily applicable, with a strong adhesive which ensures their sturdiness throughout useage.