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Our Products

We are a direct manufacturer of consumable materials for thermal-transfer printing. Rich technical background and access to raw materials, combined with a long-lasting experience of our employees, will satiate the requirements of the most expecting customers. Proper organization of work enables us to Carry out deliveries in the „Just in time” system.


Self-adhesive labels (depending on intended use) are manufactured from thermal-transfer or thermal papers or foils which possess various technical and quality parameters. A proper adhesive is chosen for each type of label, in accord with the surface to which they will be applied to. Answering to Your needs, We deliver products that are ready for print in the desired size, confection and volume.

Information and advertisement tags / Nylon and Satin

In the wide range of thermal-transfer materials one will also find tags and textile materials such as nylon or satin.

Ready to print cardboard or synthetic tags are delivered to the customers in the form of confectioned reels (continuous stock). They are supplied with holes to facilitate hanging on products. We manufacture these glue-free labels from materials with different paper weight and intended use. They are applicable whenever a product requires labeling and the employment of a self-adhesive label proves impossible. Nylon and satin are delivered in reels as a continuous stock with a pre-determined width. White being the standard color, supplied widths range from 20mm to 100mm.

Thermal transfer ribbons

We confection ribbons for all types of label printers. One will find in our offer WAX, WAX-RESIN and RESN, as well as TEXTILE ribbons. Available in black or other colors.

WAX ribbons

Intended for use only with paper labels and cardboard tags. They characterize in low cost, high quality of print and good smear resistance. They are intended for use with universal labels i.e. logistic and address labels.

WAX-RESIN ribbons

Intended for printing of all types of labels and tags. Used on paper labels, they provide perfect print quality and high resistance to smearing/abrasions. When used on foil labels, a slightly lower smearing resistance can be observed.

RESIN ribbons

This type of ribbons is intended only for use with foil labels and synthetic tags. They provide very high resistance to chemical compounds, therefore they are mainly used in aggressive and extreme environments. In most cases they are employed for printing labels in the Automotive, metallurgical or pharmaceutical sectors, as they provide the highest resistance to abrasions/smearing and print longevity.

TEXTILE ribbons

Intended for printing textile inserts, such as nylon taffeta, polyesther taffets, polyesther satin, Octane vel vet, Tyvek. Print-out made using textile ribbons, is resistant to washing detergents, chemical washing, ironing etc. This method is mostly employed on materials used for labeling of clothes and textile products.