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Our Products

From amongst the wide assortment of our services, we would like to draw your attention to convex (3D) stickers, which provide a more professional way of labeling one’s products.

Made from self-adhesive foil, covered in transparent clear resin, convex stickers can hold various shapes and color. Such stickers are aesthetic, elegant, durable and accent the prestige of the product. Thanks to the utilization of a strong adhesive, they can be easily applied to glass, plastics and metal. These stickers are higly durable to atmospheric conditions, UV radiation, the majority of chemical compounds, temperature shifts and mechanical breakage. Convex stickers idealy suplement promotions, through their employment on various marketing gadgets (i.e. bottleopeners, keychains, souvenirs etc.

Convex stickers are an economical and perfect solution, helping to solidify the poduct brand and company’s identity on the market.