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Our Products

Idenification labels are most often used in the automotive, pharmaceutical, computer and food industries as well as the service sector. They are used during the manufacturing process, when the need arises to identify a detail and the history of it’s production. Product identification labels includes informations significant for the user and they are applied directly onto the product. Depending on destination labels can include following group of informations:

Product description – material of make, conformity of product with sectoral or legal norms, price, data validity, production date, series number
Warning labels – they inform of threats related to incorrect use of unit.
Service manuals - they include instructions of use or installment.

For printing on foil labels we use methods of flexography or thermal transfer prints. These methods assure high constancy and very good readability of printed information. Thermal transfer printers also allow wide diversification of the printed data, such as bar codes with variable number stamps, dates.

Most often used materials for self-adhesive label manufacture include:
A-001 – semi-gloss white thermal-transfer paper
A-003 – white thermal paper
R-001 PHARMA – semi-gloss white thermal-transfer paper uilised for test tube labeling amongst other things
A-302 – white gloss foil, delivers higher durability and resistance to enviromental factors
M-104 – foil, white semi-gloss, ideal for curved and rough surfaces
M-108 – Acrylic foil, white matt, resiliant to high temperatures and UV rays. Applicable to a lot of surface types

Cardboard hang tags, recommended for the cases where self-adhesive labels are not an option.