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Our Products

The concept of an inventory system is assinging an inventory numer to all fixed assets. An inventory label contains the printed inventory number of a fixed asset, recorded in numbers or in the form of a bar code. Furthermore, such label may contain information such as:

  • Name of fixed asset
  • Name of user or giver of asset (i.e. blood center)
  • Logo, company name
  • Place of utilisation of asset
  • Date of purchase/liquidation
  • Additional description.


Using bar codes for filing helps to avoid errors occuring during manual imput of data, as well as shortens the time needed to carry out inventory checks.

Inventory labels are most often used in large companies, warehouses, hospitals and laboratories, bureaus, and other public service agencies.

Because these labels should provide durability of markings for many years, it is very important to select the right materials. For this purpose self-adhesive foils are most often used. The feature high resistance to enviromental factors, chemicals, high temperatures and UV rays. They not only measure up to the above requirements, but also provide an aesthetic look.

To produce inventory labels We most often employ thermal-transfer print on the following foils:

M-104 – White gloss, fits for application on curved and porous surfaces, at the same time providing a high contrast for bar codes
A-302 – White gloss polypropylene, features resistance to scratches and moisture
A-201 – White matt, poliethylene, features resistance to scratches and moisture

At the customer’s request the following materials can be employed:
A-001 – sami-gloss paper
A-002 – matt paper