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Our Products

Logistic and warehousing labels are carriers of readable and undoubtful information abort goods, on which they are placed. They serve the purpose of quick and easy product identification in each part of the logisstic chain, beginning at the departure of ready goods from production, throughout storage, finally ending on the delivery at the cutomer’s doorstep.

In our offer, You will find the majority of typical logistic label formats, such as 105x148mm or 148x210mm – so called ODETTE – depending on the standard used in logistics. The raw materials most often employed in the production of of the above mentioned labels are:

  • A-001 – semi-gloss white thermal-transfer paper
  • A-002 – matt white thermal-transfer paper
  • A-003 – white thermal paper

In cases requiring the use of more durable solution, one utilizes foils, i.e.:

  • A-302 – white gloss foil, delivers higher durability and resistance to enviromental factors, including moisture

We can deliver ready, printed label or a complete printing system, consisting of a label pronter and consumables (labels and ribbons) which we also manufacture.