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Our Products

A name plate is a permamently attached description of an appliance, containing basic information, such as name of the equipment, information about the producer, year of manufacturing, serial number, base parameters (i.e. power rating, mass, load capacity), work conditions (i.e. working voltage), admission or security symbols, connection instructions or schematic diagrams. Labeling is governed by specialist technical norms, european or international. Name plates are most often used in the automotive, computer, electronic sectors or on household products.

We offer name plates in the form of self-adhessive foil labels, featuring high endurance to environmental factors, high temperatures, chemicals, UV rays. They are also resistant to scratches and abrasion, at the same time being a cheaper and more aesthetic alternative to aluminium plates.

We employ thermal-transfer print, which provides high durability and good readability. It allows printing short series of labels with variable data, graphical signs or even printing the desired labels by customers themselves with the use of thermal-transfer printers and consumable materials provided by our company.

For large quantities, we emploi flexographic print, which allows for the completion of lage volume orders In short time. The size of the labels are attuned to the individual needs of the recipients.

Most frequently used foils:

  • M-101 – Thick (84µm), stiff polyester foil, silver coloured, matt surface, very durable to high temperatures, moisture, chemicals and molds
  • M-403 – From the above one it only differs in thickness – it is thinner (51µm)
  • M-109 – White gloss, polyester foil, 51µm thick
  • M-103 – polyester, platinum iridescent colored foil, 51µm thick and with a double amount of adhesive

Upon request, we can also use other materials for production, such as M-105, M-145, M-104.