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Our Products

A product label defines and identyfies the goods and informs about it’s most important features. It also frequently Server marketing purposes, drawing drawing consumers with their colorful and aesthetic look. According to the law, product labels have to include a variety of informations such as the name and address of the producer, package capacity, validity date, composition, cautions, application description, pictograms. Usually these informations are placed at the rear of package, whilst the producer logo and advertising graphics are placed at the front of the package. Product labels are being used in nearly every line of manufacturing businesses, most often in food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic branches.

We offer you professional print of product labels, matching Your individual needs and requirements. We have the ability to print in full color palette, in both water and UV paints. We can apply gold or silver plating as well as laminate or apply laquer to the labels on practicaly any type of material (paper, foils: regular, gloss, matt, clear – so called clear-flex).