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Our Products

Security seals in the form of self-adhesive labels find application everywhere where there is need to secure a product or packaging from any undesired interference. The employment of strong acrylic glue and selection of suitable material for seal production allows the utilization of seals in such lines of business as automotive, computer, electronic etc. They can also secure packaging’s containing valuable contents, parcels and packets, foil-wrapped pallets containing products. They also authenticate the originality of i.e. CDs and DVDs. Warranty seals secure from any undesired tampering, attempts of repairs or parts replacement, therefore, they are indispensful in servicing of all kinds of household appliances, computer equipment, mobile phones etc. These foils break, separate or deform upon a peel-off attempt, At the same time preventing from re-applying the seal.

We have the ability to manufacture seals in practically all sizes, with or without overprint, which allows to adjust the product ideally to the customer’s needs. The employment of thermal-transfer print allows for printing of small series of labels with variable data, dates etc. Using flexographic print on the other hand permits creating seals with a logo or graphics in full color, when printing in large volumes.