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Our Products

Textile inserts, made from satin or nylon are most often used for clothing labeling. One can imprint the company logo on them, as well as washing instructions, material composition, country of origin, information regarding the finish and quality of the product, in other words all the information required by brand standards. The overprint on the inserts is resistant to washing detergents, chemical clearing and ironing. The inserts are overprinted using thermotransferic method with the use of a textile ribbon.

The characteristics of print on a textile insert:

  • Single or multi color print
  • Single or double-sided print
  • Print on all types of nylons and satins
  • Windth of materials from 10mm to 100mm
  • The option of printing on dyed nylon or satin inserts
  • The possibility of printing company logo, text, bar codes, simple graphics
  • The option of realizing an order with variable data
  • Short lead time for commissions.

We deliver completed orders according to individual requirements, in the form of cut out inserts or in reels of ribbon with a specified width. There is a possibility to order confectioned reels of unprinted material